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The hand crafted talking stick and soul catcher makes a great, unique gift.

US Flag No rain forest woods, no child labor, no imports.

About the Artist who makes the custom talking stick and soul catcher.
The artist

Bill's father was an accomplished woodworker, professional antique restorer, and refinisher. He was taught almost everything his father knew about the art. At age 6, Bill was allowed to use the table-mounted jig saw to cut out various figures and then shown how to finish them. Back then orange crates had ¾ inch pine ends and they became his creative source of wood. At age 9 he was introduced to wood burning The combination of wood, elegant finishing and wood burning became a natural canvas for his developing sense of wood art. Woodworking became a life long passion for Bill, while pursuing a professional career in Engineering. He gave all that up when Bill realized he had to do what he really had a passion for…..wood art and pyrography (wood burning). Tossing his successful and lucrative professional career, he pursued his dream. According to Bill "The custom wood art designs are all patiently hand done and hand finished with a reverence for the wood and an appreciation for what Nature can supply. The marvel of wood, counting the rings to see the age and seasonal characteristics, provides a historic window into the past years. It actually becomes a spiritual experience. The smell of different species, the physical characteristics of each species, and the beauty of each species of wood increases the enjoyment of working with the wood. It makes for a bond between humankind and nature." He has made custom wood art for people from all occupations and professions. Film directors, blues musicians, law enforcement, teachers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians, hiking clubs, military veterans, eagle scouts, boy scouts, trackers….and many other professions. All are his unique designs. His enjoyment of Wood Art led to the founding of the "Applied Pyrography Newsletter," and Wood Artist Forum. He is a member of the IAPA (International Association of Pyrographic Artists), Stick Makers Worldwide, an author of numerous articles on Woodart/Pyrography, and also a military veteran. He can be found wandering the west which is where his inspiration can also be found.

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