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The hand crafted talking stick and soul catcher makes a great, unique gift.

US Flag No rain forest woods, no child labor, no imports.

A few unsolicited testimonials and comments from customers on my talking sticks and soul catchers.

it's a nice piece of art and I'm very happy with it.

regards Leo

Hi Bill,

Wanted to let you know that I received the talking stick and it looks great. I’m sure she’s going to like it. Thanks.



Thansk for the great talking stick--its already a hit..
Great work and thanks!!

Be well
John, NJ

Today, I got the Talking Stick at the Postal Office (before November
11th) ! The Dutch Post forced me to pay taxes (45 euros) because of the
value of the stick (more thans 120 euros) which I did not like, but I
did like the Talking Stick ! It is very beautiful and when I held it in
stillness, I could feel a strong energy in it.

Thank you very much for your work and for your creativity, and for the
fast delivery.

Anyway, thanks again, and best wishes,

Robert Netherlands

Hallo Bill,

yesterday I have got the package with the sticks. Thank you so much for doing this art work. They are both very fine. Allthough thank you for sending me the stones. I am really lucky !
With best wishes for having a great time

Hi Bill!
I recieved the soul catcher on Thursday. It is awesome! I love it and have it hanging above my door. Thank you for your care in making it.
Washington State
I got the Talking Stick today and it’s awesome…I love it…Thank you ever so much for doing this “rush” job; I really do appreciate it greatly – I can’t wait to use it this weekend…

Thanks again…All the best to you and your daughter along with the rest of the family…You will remain in my thoughts and prayers…

Have an awesome day,

Merilee, GA

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

Bill---received without alteration… Thank you very much…Will be in touch for more over the next several years




WoW! That is beautiful Bill, The Creator has really blessed you with a gift. The native American touch is just right and not overdone very natural. Thank you!


iT ARRIVED TODAY - i HAD TO PAY £23.18 for VAT !!
It is lovely though - thanks very much.

Ann Thompson.

Thanks for helping me create the perfect 'Talking Stick'.
Ann, England
Hi there Bill,

Only 15 minutes ago I received the talking sticks you made for me ans I am really very happy with them, they really look beautiful! Beautiful with the arrow heads that you added to the bead ring. The animals that you woodburned look really great!

Thanks also for the certificates and the background story about the talking sticks!

Thanks again and may be we will visit you in the future one time!

Kind regards,

Marlies Maasdam

I got the soul catcher today. It looks great. I feel good powerful energy in it. Thank you!

Namaste, Drake
I received the talking sticks today. They look fantastic. Thank you, thank you! How are the other three coming?
Thank you so much Bill! You did BEAUTIFUL work!!! We are so proud of it! I love your choice of feathers and wood! The STONES are wonderful! Perfect colors blending great! Your burning was so cool! Everything Bill came out wonderful Im so excited to give this gift to our friends! We will be in touch! Thanks again........ Russ and Marylou, Oregon
She loved it. Plus everyone I know has heard of your generosity and wanted the site. I hope I can drum you up more business. I will have to tell her about the full moon thing. Thanks!

PS You will be hearing from me again for Christmas presents.



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